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17 & 18 May 2014 we had Angel Tree Project at Kgosi Mampuru Female
Correction Centre.

 Every child has a story, for 2 million South African children, that story
 is filled with the abandonment,
 loneliness and shame that come from having a mom or dad in prison.

 Prisoners' children all over the country suffer through the confusion and
 shame that comes with
 having a parent who is incarcerated, and the reality is, they are at high
 risk of following in their
 parents' footsteps.

 Due to the fact that you are willing to support the Angel Tree Project by
 making a donation you are
 part of team that intervene in the lives if these hurting children,
 allowing us to give a gift to their
 mother to present to them, to spoil them with sweets and treats, to allow
 them to for one day just
 be like 'normal children', playing on jumping castles, have fun and games
 and above all spend time
 with their mother outside the prison on the soccer field, away from the
 reality that they live
 everyday of being bullied and deprived of living with their mothers.

 With your gift to Angel Tree, you give these boys and girls a special day
 that will stay with them for
 the rest of their lives and, introduce them to the Father in Heaven who
 loves them, to give them
 hope for tomorrow.

 You can become part of that hope by donating R99 towards this cause, to
 support an Angel Tree project in your area.