Prison Fellowship South Africa presented the Angel Tree Project, a team of 40 volunteers attended to assist and serve and make this day a success.

Magda Botha one of the volunteers started speaking to a volunteer lady from the Methodist Church, Vuyo. 

Vuyo told Magda that she is so shocked, her uncle was murdered in the Eastern Cape and she just saw the offender (Nlundi) that murdered her uncle.

Magda came to me and we discussed with Vuyo the possibility of reconciliation and forgiveness, she agreed and said that she prayed to God to help her to find Nlundi a long time ago, as she wanted to tell her that she had forgiven her, the murder happened 20 years ago, Nlundi has been incarcerated for the past 13 years.

Nlundi did the Sycamore Tree Project, October 2013; after she did STP she asked me and the social worker to help her to trace the family of the victim, we tried to find the family but had no success as they are residing in another province and the crime happened so long ago. 

We walked over to the Nlundi and asked to see her, we did not want to embarrass her in front of her husband and two daughters; and we did not want to cause a scene, should she not want to reconcile with Vuyo.

We walked aside and we told her that a lady wants to see her; we walked to Vuyo and the other volunteers that were with her at the time.  We all took hands and prayed together, then we trusted the Holy Spirit to bring healing and restore both these women, right now and right there.

Vuyo told the offender that she is the cousin of the man that was murdered by Nlundi, Nlundi was in total shock for a few seconds, and then the two women grabbed each other and hugged like they are sisters. 

Nlundi kept on whispering in Vuyo’s ear that for so long she so wanted to tell the family of the victim that she is so sorry, seeking their forgiveness.

By this time all of us were crying, tears of joy and a thankful heart to the Lord for Sycamore Tree, God is so amazing that He had this event planned and He made sure that the offender was on the Sycamore Tree Project and He prepared her, like He prepared Vuyo.

Most amazing is that Vuyo decided this morning to come to ATP instead of tomorrow and Nlundi family advised her in the week that they prefer to come on Saturday and not Sunday – Devine appointment arrange by The Lord.

We are now moving towards the next phase and that is to set up a Victim Offender Dialogue, we are so excited to in this day and time experience the miracle working of God Almighty.

All the glory to God Almighty!

Attached find some of the pictures we managed to take.

Reconciliation between Vuyo and Nlundi

All the glory to God Almighty!

Vuyo is wearing the Nelson Mandela T-shirt and as I am looking at the photo, doing this report, it struck me like a lightning bolt!

The legacy of Nelson Mandela is being honoured today, at this moment, exactly what Tata Madiba taught us, is happening and we have the privilege to live out the legacy!

"Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective . - James 5:16